1" Gold on Black Sticky Letters & Numbers (25mm)

We also sell gold on black letters in 2" sizes and 3" sizes.

For Interior or Exterior use on a wide variety of surfaces such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, paper etc. Made of waterproof, washable permanent vinyl. Ideal for posters, signs, school projects, lunch boxes, storage boxes, folders, sports equipment, luggage, boats, vehicle signage and more ...

Each pack contains the complete alphabet, all the numerals and various punctuation marks - 234 letters/numbers in total.

A x10, B x6, C x6, D x6, E x10, F x6, G x6, H x6, I x16, J x6, K x6, L x6, M x6, N x8, O x10, P x6, Q x6, R x8, S x8, T x10, U x6, V x6, W x6, X x6, Y x6, Z x6, 1 x6, 2 x4, 3 x4, 4 x4, 5 x4, 6 x4, 7 x4, 8 x4, 9 x4, 0 x8, ? x2, - x4, . x14, ! x2, , x8, & x2

We can also supply individual letters/numbers - contact us with your requirement and we will quote.

Sticky Letters

Packs of 234 letters/numbers:             Colour:   


To order: Select the number of packs that you require. Then click on Add to Basket.
"Your Dishwashable Labels are fantastic - I bought some for my daughter and they have not come off any bottles or cups no matter how many washes! and I have just bought some for my friend who has just had a baby. Brilliant Product"

"I like your products, this is the third set of labels I have ordered from you and I am very happy with the quality."

"Your labels are fantastic. I bought some here in NZ but they don't stay on. yours never fail"

"I have looked at a lot of label website over the past day as I am moving house and stuff is going in all directions. Yours is easy to navigate, great for narrowing down the selection without trawling through useless stuff. Although I could have bought cheaper labels I thought yours would do the job better and felt you deserved the order."

"I have previously ordered iron on labels from you and have been absolutely delighted with the ease in which they iron on and STAY. This is my second order and I am sure will not be the last. Thank you."

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