6" Black Sticky Letters (152mm)

For Interior or Exterior use on a wide variety of surfaces such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, paper etc. Made of waterproof, washable permanent vinyl. Ideal for posters, signs, school projects, lunch boxes, storage boxes, folders, sports equipment, luggage, boats, vehicle signage and more ...

Each pack contains the complete alphabet and various punctuation marks - 39 letters in total.

A x2, B x1, C x1, D x1, E x2, F x2, G x2, H x2, I x3, J x1, K x1, L x2, M x1, N x2, O x2, P x1, Q x1, R x2, S x2, T x2, U x1, V x1, W x1, X x1, Y x1, Z x1, & x1, ? x1, - x2, . x2, * x2, @ x1, , x7, ( x1, ) x1, ! x1, - x2, ? x1, * x1

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and numbers you need
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Sticky Letters and Numbers

Packs of 39 letters:             Colour:   


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