Plain Stickers: 28 colours, 7 shapes, 19 sizes

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White and coloured labels for date coding, charts, product marking and stock control. Choose between 28 different colours, 7 shapes, 19 sizes, paper or durable weatherproof plastic, standard or easy to remove adhesive.

We also have a range of 10mm special shapes (triangles, flowers, kites, shields, half moons etc)

colour code stickers
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Black   Light Blue   Royal Blue  

Light Brown   Dark Brown   Gloss Clear  

Cream   Gold   Shiny Gold  

Lime Green   Light Green   Dark Green  

Grey   Magenta   Maroon  

Orange   Purple   Fluorescent Tangerine  

Fluorescent Yellow   Fluorescent Flame Red   Pink  

Red   Silver   Shiny Silver  

Turquoise   White   Yellow  

Navy Blue  

To order: Select the size your require and then how many of each colour and then click on the Add to Basket button.
"Dear Minilabel i discovered your website whilst looking for some iron on name tags when my daughter started school i ordered them and was very pleased with the service and quality of the product...i will continue to use you in the future."

"The labels were fantastic. Realy good value. They made our clothes look very professional. Many thanks. Margaret."

"This has been a godsend as both of my parents have gone into nursing homes within the last 6 months and before they go they need to have every item of clothing labelled and ironed on so this takes the stress out of the whole ordeal many thanks."

"If your service is as good for delivery and the presentation of your labels is as good as 6 years ago. I will be satisfied as I have two other boys who lose clothes like no tomorrow unless it is labelled."

"Just a message to say that this is the 5th lot of labels I have ordered from you, and if they are as good as they have always been in the past, I will be delighted with my order! Well done for having such a great service and such an easy to use website."

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